EQ-informed performance coaching for individuals, partners and teams.

Private Executive

Find your equilibrium in a sea of quickly-changing variables (esp. startups) so you can keep your ship on course and make decisions that actually solve problems — not make more of them.

Personal Performance

From existential explorations of the big questions (like identity and purpose), to solving the big problems of bad habits, self-sabotage, and harmful patterns, get the support you need to create the shifts and clarity you’ve been craving.

Business Partnership

Facilitation sessions to help you and your partner(s) use your combined strengths to build the business you’re passionate about while getting the support you need from each other.

Romantic Partnership

For power couples wanting to turn up the heat or turn off the conflict in your existing relationship, or individuals actively looking for healthy, supportive, passionate partnership.

Team & Leadership

Your startup is blowing up in all the best (and worst) ways. Let us cultivate a team of leaders you can count on, so you can focus on your vision (instead of babysitting everyone).


Need all or some of the above?
You’re not the only one. I work with clients in all areas of their lives to address multifaceted challenges in a holistic way.

Ready for your next level?

Let me know what you're dealing with, and let's see how I can support.